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Car Detailing Service Dubai

Premium Auto Detailing Service at Sparco Car Care - Unveiling Your Car's True Brilliance

Welcome to Sparco Car Care, your premier destination for premium auto detailing in UAE. We take great pride in providing meticulous care and attention to every vehicle that graces our facility. With a passion for automotive excellence, our expert technicians are committed to unveiling your car’s true brilliance through our top-of-the-line auto detailing service.

Why Choose Our Auto Detailing Service:

Unparalleled Expertise

Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience in the auto detailing industry, and their attention to detail ensures every nook and cranny of your vehicle receives the utmost care.

Comprehensive Detailing Packages

From exterior paint correction and compounding to interior deep cleaning and conditioning, our comprehensive packages cater to all your car’s detailing needs.

Premium Products

We use the finest quality cleaning agents, polishes, and sealants to protect and enhance your car’s surfaces, ensuring a long-lasting shine that withstands the UAE’s extreme climate.

Protecting Your Investment

Our auto detailing not only enhances your car’s appearance but also helps preserve its value over time, ensuring it remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Experience the Sparco Car Care Difference:

At Sparco Car Care, we believe your vehicle deserves nothing but the best. Our auto detailing service goes beyond the surface, delivering unparalleled results that exceed your expectations. Trust us to breathe new life into your car, making it stand out on the roads of UAE. Book your appointment now and experience the ultimate car detailing journey with Sparco Car Care.

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Experience the Art of Automotive Enhancement with Car Detailing Dubai

With the soaring high temperature of Dubai, it has become crucial to shield your car against the harshness of the climate. Metal surfaces often require continuous protection and maintenance against the UV radiations that can ruin the outer layer of the car.

With improper maintenance, this can result in cracks, fade, peel away and can even lead to increase in temperature inside the vehicle which can severely damage the interiors and upholstery of your car. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure your vehicle is properly shielded from the heat and damage of the sun.

Sparco Car Care ensures that you get the best car detailing services in Dubai to restore the pristine shine of your car. We armor your car with a high grade protective coat to provide a virile shield to secure your car from the intense summer heat.

Get the experience of ultimate multi process car detailing which brings your vehicle back to its brand new appearance. With our right tools, materials, skills and most importantly our skilled team achieve the desired results in the minimum time possible.

We are the most trustworthy car detailing Dubai providers to maintain the pristine condition and value of your vehicle. Our detailing not only enhances the appearance but protects it from contaminants, wear and tear along with harmful UV damage. We rejuvenate the interiors to create a comfortable and inviting environment. Our car detailing services ensure your car remains a source of pride and joy on the road.

Car Detailing Services

With our extensive car detailing process, we cover a wide range of interior and exterior cleaning and restoration services. Exterior detailing restores the aesthetics and appeal of your car while interior detailing structures the car, ensuring the improved resistance against stains and aging.

Interior Detailing

Morning journey in the car to work decides the mood for the rest of the day. People travel almost an hour on heavy pollution, dust and heavy traffic, which makes people drained and agitated. It can become even more frustrating if the interiors of the car are gloomy, unclean or messy. Sparco Car Care is undoubtedly among the most trustworthy car interior detailing Dubai service providers for making your car spotless clean. Our cleaning solution will make your seats, windows, dashboards, plastic and rubber parts, dust and grime free to improve the overall aesthetics and appeal of your car.

Our Interior Detailing Package includes

Our interior detailing package includes vacuuming and cleaning of:



Seat Belts


Center console

Door Side Pad

Car Roof

Carpets and floor mats

Ac vents

Cloth and Leather Covers

Trunk and Rear cargo area

Window and door shut

Tire and Rim

Additional complete car Disinfection

Exterior Detailing

With time the aesthetics of the car begin to fade and lose its shine, gadiance and luster. Harsh environment and prolonged exposure to the sun are the primary causes of paint oxidation. This removes the top layer of the paint causing it to lose the vital pigments which gradually makes the surface more dull and damaged.

Sparco Car Care Dubai has the right solution for detailing auto to restore the damage and protect the gloss of your car. We take complete care of your car exteriors. From providing a streak-free vision through your glass, enhancing the durability of tyres to removing light scratches and oxidized layers, we keep your car sparkling for longer.

We begin our process by conducting a prep wash to remove dirt, dust and debris from your automobile. Then the layer of clay is applied during the prep wash step. We clay the vehicle with our car wash shampoo by clay lubricant. This step is usually done for vehicles with minimum surface contamination. Later, while polishing the paint, we remove the minor sub surface damage to bring shine and luster to your car.

During the car detailing process, we chose among waxing or ceramic coating, depending on the intensity of scratches, customer requirements and condition of the car. We bring your car back to showroom condition by ensuring that all our detailing and polishing work is carried out in a dust free environment with our top of the line products and skilled team.

Our Interior Detailing Package includes

Our exterior detailing package includes:

Complete Body Decontamination

Underbody wash

Complete Washing and clay application

Cleaning of Wheel Rim and Brake

6 step body polishing

Marks Removal

Application of ceramic coating

Engine bay decontamination & steam cleansing

Essential Add-Ons

Sealant and Synthetic Wax

Special fabric protection for clothes and carpets

Clay bar Paint Protection

Rejuvenation of Paint


Old Paint Wax Removal

Paint Protection

Foam Surface cleaning

High temperature wax application

Revitalize Your Drive With Expert Car Polishing Services

Our car detailing removes all the microscopic scratches from the road debris or during car washes with a dirty sponge. Our products sit on the top of the paintwork with our intense 3 stage polishing process which reduces the top coat of lacquer, revealing a new unmarked surface in the paint. We transform your car in a few hours to its brand new look.

Revive Your Drive With Professional Headlight Restoration Services

Headlights can make your vehicle stand out of the crowd. Fully functioning headlights play a crucial role in the overall appeal of the car. But the light projection and visibility are essential while driving particularly during the night. It is therefore prudent to restore the old headlights not only for purposes of improving appearance, but also for increased visibility.

Driving at night without proper functioning of headlights can be dangerous. One must have a proper functioning headlight in order to increase safety. Sparco Car Care restores the plastic lenses including headlights, tail lights and fog lights  to its new condition for a fraction of the cost. Dim headlight bulbs and hazy plastic headlight lenses lead to reduced visibility, putting you and others at risk. Our advanced tools remove the leakage, water dust, minor accidental scratches, and other particles trapped inside the headlight. We deliver the car with complete restoration and repairs in the minimum time possible.

Unmatched Protection and Gloss with Ceramic Coating Dubai

With the harsh weather conditions of Dubai, it is quite unfavorable and challenging to prevent our car from harmful UV rays, dust particles and more. It provides all-round protection through ceramic coating to keep the exteriors shiny and lustrous. The ceramic coating not only prevents the car from scratches but also the infrared rays of the sun which fades the novelty of your car. To know the ceramic coating cost in Dubai, get in touch with Sparco Car Care to give your car a premium touch.


Frequently Ask Questions

Our car detailing experts will ensure to give meticulous attention to the interiors and exteriors of the car. Our comprehensive car detailing process involves washing, waxing, polishing, and buffing that makes your car look and feel brand new. We clean even the most inaccessible areas like AC vents, inside of the headlights, etc.

Yes, it is! Auto detailing services make aesthetic maintenance much easier for you. It protects from coarse dust scratching and extensive exposure to the sun’s UV rays that damage the protective coatings on your car. It also increases the resale value of your car by improving the aesthetics and structure.

Sparco Car Care is the finest option for car detailing in Dubai. Our pickup and delivery system ensures that you have access to our car detailing services from anywhere in Dubai. Sparco Car Care is fully equipped with the best tools to provide the best detailing and ppf service. Our commitment is to ensure you’ll get a car that looks and feels brand new in no time.

Sparco Car Care provides the best car detailing Dubai that starts with AED 300 and goes up to AED 1200, depending on the type of service required.

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