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Car inspection service in Dubai

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Get Peace of Mind with Our Comprehensive Car Inspection

  • Client: Solit IT Solution
  • Date: 25th Aug 2022
  • Category: Engine
  • Tags: Repair / Mechanical Engine

Most insurance companies require a car inspection to assess the vehicle's condition, evaluate associated risks, and determine eligibility for coverage in exchange for a premium. At Sparco Car Care, we thoroughly assess a vehicle's condition. We aim to identify any potential risks associated with the car and help the insurance company decide on insurability with our car inspection service in Dubai.

When Is a Vehicle Inspection Needed?

Expired Insurance Policy: We provide a car engine checking service when your insurance policy has expired or needs renewal; an inspection is mandatory. This also applies if there's a gap between the policy expiration and renewal dates

Change in Car Ownership: A thorough inspection is crucial to maintain the existing car insurance plan when purchasing a second-hand car. So we provide the best car inspection service in Dubai.

Upgrade to Comprehensive Plans: Basic insurance plans may not require an inspection, but upgrading to comprehensive coverage often mandates a thorough inspection.


Addition of Accessories or Modifications: Installing accessories or bi-fuel kits or modifying the vehicle may trigger an inspection.

Post-Accident Inspection: A car inspection is necessary to file insurance claims and assess the post-repair condition after an accident.

Experience Peace of Mind with Sparco Car Care

Evaluate your vehicle's condition and mitigate associated risks with a car inspection service in Dubai.

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